Just Dogs

just dogs

Anything we can find about dogs is what this site is about. For dog lovers of all types. The world of dogs is absolutely amazing when you really get into the minds of these wonderful creatures.

It seems to me that they live to please their masters. The problem I have noticed is that we humans don’t really know how to relate with the canine species. Not in a productive manner at least.

Most of us just look at a dog and think, “wow, he/she is really pretty, I want one”. But we don’t actually know what we are getting beyond the surface level.

Dogs, like humans, come in all kinds of looks and personalities. Yet most of us don’t look deep enough into the specific dog. Instead we go by the looks of the dog. Then find down the road that this dog isn’t exactly what we signed up for.

We generally know that when we get a pup, we can train it our way… But what about getting an older dog? Is the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” true?

I think not. And hopefully after hanging around here a bit, you will think not as well.

I will be sharing with you the things that I have found to help build your relationship with your dog as well as affordable dog stuff that I have spent hours to locate.

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